Laundry Sorter Iron on Decals-HTV

Laundry Sorter Iron on Decals-HTV

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Multiple different options in wording, if you don't see the combination you're needing just email and a custom set can be put together. These labels are ironed onto fabric, canvas bags and much more at high heat for 10-15 seconds.

-Set Options-

  • Option 1-Whites, Darks, Delicates
  • Option 2-Whites, Darks, Towels
  • Option 3-Colors, Whites, Towels 
  • Option 4-Colors, Darks, Whites
  • Option 5-Colors, Darks, Whites, Towels
  • Option 6-Colors, Darks, Whites, Delicates
  • Option 7-Colors, Darks, Whites, Delicates, Towels

Each word is 2" tall

Included in this purchase:
-High quality vinyl decal
-Easy to follow instructions

**Pictures may not reflect true size.

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